My Profile

Basic Information

Sex               : Male
Birthday    : May 19, 1984
Siblings      : Elah Tsamrotun Nailah, Amar Amrullah Abdulkarim, Ai Haifa Abdulkarim, Ana Nasrullah Abdulkarim

Personal Information

Activities                     : Sakola, dahar, sare, ulin
Interests                      : Nature, Arts, Sports
Favorite Music          : The Nu Ngeunaheun
Favorite TV Shows  : Live Sports, News
Favorite Movies       : The God Father, Lord of The Ring, Parfume The Story of Murderer, Troy
Favorite Books          :  The God Father, Parfume The Story of Murderer, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demonds
Favorite Quotations: ” U jump,,,I jump “
About Me                     : Only God Knows

Contact Information

Email                             :
Mobile Number        : +20168638668, +20116122013
Other                             : +20226835807
Current Address       : Abbasea, Cairo Egypt
AIM                               :
Skype                            :
Windows Live            :
Yahoo                           :
Website                        :
  • Al-Azhar University, Fakultas Ushuluddin Jurusan Akidah Filsafat 2002 – 2006
  • Pasca Sarjana Al-Azhar University, Fakulas Ushuluddin Jursan Akidah Filsafat 2007 –
High Schools:
  • Ma’had Daar-et Tauhid Cirebon 1999-2000
  • Ma’had Baitul Arqom Al-Islamy 2000-2002


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